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From Dance Jam to Dance Journey to Ecstatic Dance Berkeley

From Dance Jam to Dance Journey to Ecstatic Dance Berkeley: What's Next?

Here’s the history:
•    Dance Jam Berkeley – 20+ years run by DanceJam co-op
•    Dance Journey – 3 years run by Ken
•    Ecstatic Dance Berkeley – run by Constance and Jason (ended May 2015)
•    Berkeley Friday Dance - run by Mark Metz as of June 1st 2015
•    the next big dance in Berkeley – run by ????? 

Another important articleFreestyle Freeform dance coming to San Francsisco

There is more Freestyle Dance Jam Barefoot Boogie history in this one building than anywhere else in the San Francisco Bay area, maybe even the Free World.  Lets look at this space and night:

Longevity:  Many dancers and promoters agree – Venue is King.  And this Friday night dance at this venue has been running for 14 years with three different owners, three different names, and three different websites.  Yet come Friday night in the San Francisco East Bay Berkeley area people just show up here to have a good time. 

A Money Earner:  A big difference between Dancing at Clubs and Dancing at Studios.  Clubs sell alcohol which covers their bills, people can dance or talk or smooze, but pretty much only 50% of the people in the club are dancing at any one time.  Freestyle Dance Jam Boogie Ecstatic events must fund their nights (space rental, DJ, door, advertising etc) from everyone paying a cover charge.  At these events, close to 90% of all the people there are dancing at one time.  

Thus when one particular Friday night venue holds first place thru four owners this deserves some looking into.  Let’s look at how this Friday night dance venue holds up in our book: 

•    Night of the week:  Friday night.  +Bonus points for staying open late.
•    Space:   From One to Two Dance floors.  +Bonus points for central chill place
•    The Building:  Houses four dance studios, suspended floors, free parking, secure rest rooms, safe streets
•    People:  young, middle, older, singles, couples, new dancers, experienced dancers, locals, out of towners
•    DJ’s:  Big name DJ’s from all over California and the U.S. 
•    Chill and Schmooze space:  The best space I have ever seen for this.

Here’s the history:
•    Dance Jam Berkeley – 20+ years run by DanceJam co-op
•    Dance Journey – 3 years run by Ken
•    Ecstatic Dance Berkeley – run by Constance and Jason 
•    An empty dance studio in Berkeley – run by ?????  (as of June 1st 2015)

Author note: another dance venue with similar history is The 418 in Santa Cruz.  Check our listings.

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