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DJ Treavor/Wolf Song plays dance songs with words Friday night Pacific GroveNew Page

DJ Treavor Wolf Song plays dance songs with words
Friday night Pacific Grove

A different kind of Ecstatic Dance right here in Pacific Grove Monterey

An evening walk, and then a night of dancing in Pacific Grove Chautauqua Hall workout.  This Friday night was DJ Trevor, or Wolf Song.  His variety and smooth transitioning led the room through slow ancient Dead Can Dance as a warm up and then everything from Michael Jackson to Pink Floyd.  (Note: Dance Jam uses the Slow-Medium-Fast-Slow music flow method.)  What a magical flashback journey dancing to real dance songs like I used to dance to.  Yes, songs with words, their normal length, Not overdubbed with painful boom booms so loud you cannot even follow the original song beneath them. Yes, Dance Jam Pacific Grove is a dancer’s jam that couples or singles can dance to in a great space, in their own space, with the room, or with each other.  

The DJ who brought us this magical Pacific Grove Dance Journey:  DJ Treavor from Santa Cruz, who also plays on Tuesday nights

About Dance Jam Pacific Grove:  this Friday night eight to ten PM venue features on of the best dance floors in the Monterey Santa Cruz San Jose area.

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