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General rules Barefoot Ecstatic Dance Community

General Rules for the Barefoot Ecstatic Freestyle Dance Jam Community

Community: each of these venues has its own regulars, themes, ceremonies, altars to “Dance as Temple – Body as Temple”  

Etiquette: yes, these are not conventional alcohol serving dance band clubs and thus they all have developed a "code" or expected behavior for all. You can be banned from coming back. This is not a club. Link to Etiquette article

Clothing: when we all look different, we all look alike - check the photos at each venue to see the styles people wear.  

Perfumes and Jewelry – We all have definitions of what “no perfumes or jewelry means”, in these cases it really does mean “no perfumes or jewelry”

Talking: This is a dance space. A conscious Dance space. Really!. This all connects to "not interfering with “someone else's space” or dance by keeping your sphere of influence to yourself. Wanna talk, go outside. If the person doesn’t want to go outside to talk with you, that’s a “sign”.  

Footwear: All the venues have one basic rule "No shoes that can or are worn on the street can be worn on the dance floor" This is to protect all the other dancers, and also the integrity and life of the dance floor. Dance slippers, split sole ballet shoes, dance toe pads, and socks are all things people wear. 

This is an ongoing list of tips for our communities. We appreciate your input so Contact Us now
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