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So where are all the dolphins?

Good question, very observant you are. Dolphins play at 100%, using every muscle in their body and have a blast doing it. Below is picture of dolphins Dancing for your perusal and edification.    Go Dolphins! 
More Dolphins available on request.

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Are you that guy I see at dance?

   Maybe.  Although the person I am on a dance night is not the same software person who is typing this right now.
   In essence, at Dance I am just a dancer and just not a great conversationalist. Text or write with the Contact button below.  Thanks for the thought.

The best things in life are free

Well, sort of free. We at dolphinDancing are able to keep this site free of ads and relativity up to date. We do not charge a fee for listing your weekly or monthly dance event, but we also do not list everything about your particular venue which we could. Nor do we list all ‘one time events’ or ‘classes and workshops’ or ‘various dance retreats’. For that we would open up another tab and charge for this listing. All payments by Credit Card, Paypal, or check.  Example pricing:  Custom Weekly or monthly dance event with links to your Facebook for updates. $40/year.  For your one-time Event we create Website page and list 4 months  $ 25/each.  Clothing or related item Sales page with links. $25/year 

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