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Review Dance Medicine San Geronimo

Review Dance Medicine San Geronimo Thursday Nights

Thursday night I drove to #1 Lagunitas School Rd., San Geronimo, CA, just 9.6 miles down the road from San Rafael. An easy drive at the tail end of the rush hour. Plenty of free safe parking and an easy traffic free drive back home. Now that’s a way to have a low stress start and end to an energetic night out dancing to your heart’s delight.  

When I entered the space I was struck by the number of smiling men and women stretching, relaxing and unwinding from their day. On the left side of the large room were thick yoga mats for stretching, and on the right a row of chairs. Finding an empty one I just took off my shoes and moseyed on out to the dance floor.  

The music was purrrfect. DJ Christina from Berkeley played that night her music wave, slow to start, picking it up a notch every half hour or so, with a let-it-all-out middle and a smooth descending wind down. I got centered, I got scattered, I got put back together. Tonight I truly felt the call to dance and the freedom of movement. Danced with myself, danced with the room, danced with a few partners and the pace picked up from there to an aerobic, ecstatic high, then dropped down again for a slower, more inward journey. Tonight I had it all going on.  

A little about the space: In dance, Venue is king, and this space works. Matter of fact it works so well for dance that it’s almost precious. Its spaciousness yet intimate, a sound system that’s not too loud nor too quiet, a wonderful suspended wooden floor with low key lighting under a ceiling so high it’s like the sky. This place just calls you out to dance.  

A little about the producers of Dance Medicine, Dan and Sandra Fitting. They have created this weekly conscious dance practice with the intention of building community, sharing sacred values and assisting one another in living our most authentic lives. I can say they are certainly on to something here. Thank you Dan and Sandra.   

In closing, I would recommend this Thursday night dance in San Geronimo to people familiar with 5Rhythms, ecstatic dance, barefoot boogie and dance jams. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you Dance Medicine people venue 

A little about DJ Christina: Christina has been deejaying for freestyle ecstatic dances since the mid-'80's, starting at the original Barefoot Boogie in New York, then in Boston and on to the Bay Area in the early '90's. Although she deejays in other venues, she particularly loves the barefoot, freestyle environment and the creativity and freedom of expression it allows and encourages. As a dancer and a deejay she loves all kinds of rhythms, tempos and moods and is fascinated by the different effects that music has on people. She says, "I love taking people on a journey, starting slow, building to a peak where there's a sense of joy and freedom and the room as one organism, and back down to a deep, inward space where we can feel whole within ourselves." Expect new and old, heart and soul, staccato and flow, fast and slow, with playful surprises thrown in to keep you on your toes! Sweat, play, connect, pray -- come prepared to move and be moved on many levels.

Dan and Sandra Fitting are the producers of Dance Medicine, a weekly conscious dance practice with the intention of building community, sharing sacred values and assisting one another in living our most authentic lives.

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