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Friday Night Dance in Pacific Grove Letting go of the work week

Friday Night Dance in Pacific Grove Letting go of the work week

a little exercise, a little socializing, and a lot of fun dancing

Finding a release from the end of the week, for me, is dancing in Pacific Grove California every Friday night.  I’m single, over 35 and I just want some space to dance and get a little exercise.  I have found the ideal place, Chatauqua Hall, in Pacific Grove a couple streets up from Lovers Point.  This place is so perfect that there are already several different dance nights there and several different exercise classes during the day.  Remember Jazzercise?  Yes it’s here a couple mornings a week.  This place just rocks for body movement.

I have stopped by there other nights and realized I was just too tired to do regular dancing with steps, socializing, and getting dressed up.  I wanted to start dancing at 8 pm and end two hours later.  I needed some activity which would end my week on a note of body movement bliss, dancing alone, with a partner, or even with a group of people depending my the mood of the moment..  Someone told me one of the mottos of free form dancing is ‘Dance like nobody is watching’.  I do that.  Later I heard another saying: ‘freeform is a place where you can do your own dance in a creative, connected community space ‘.  Yea! Like like.  

The music changes style/tempo all evening.  The first 1/2 hour is the warm-up – slow music for stretching, relaxing, doing contact improvisation, or just unwinding from the day. The pace picks up from there to an aerobic, ecstatic high and then drops down again for a slower, more inward journey somewhere around 9:30 pm.  You’ll hear some things that are familiar, whether current radio hits or favorite "oldies," some that are new and unfamiliar, and some things that may even surprise you. You may find yourself dancing to things you never expected you’d dance to.  

If you would like to check it out, here is a link to the dance in Pacific Grove Friday evenings at 8 pm.

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