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Sacramento Waves Wednesdays 5Rhythms

Sacramento Waves Wednesdays 5Rhythms

Where:  1426 24th St, Sacramento, CA 95816 - CLARA Auditorium, E. Claire Raley Studios Performing Arts
When:  Wednesdays weekly, varying instructors and themes
Time:  6:30-8:30 PM
Contact:   Web Page
Cost:  $18 drop in    10 class card $150 (exp. 6 months)   $13 student with I.D. 

Parking:  This is mid-town. All streets bordering Clara are 6 hours but check signs carefully for other on street parking.  We can use parking lot, entrance on O Street, Wednesday night only…use only unreserved slots.
Late Arrivals:  Door on 24th Street will be locked 7:00pm Wednesday & 10:40am Sunday. Entrance to back door is through parking lot.

What happens in Wednesday 5Rhythms Waves?
5rhythms Sacramento Wednesday night facilitation creates possibility.  What are we practicing? Presence, pure and simple. The 5Rhythms practice is the vehicle. We just show up week after week and devote two precious hours staying with what is true. Staying present for ourselves and offering up the love and support so those who show up with us can do the same. You can sit on a cushion, you can move on a yoga mat…me? I’d rather dance on a great floor to unbelievable music with a bunch of fabulous people.
Sweat Your Prayers is minimally guided deep dive, a musical journey into the wisdom of your unique body, tender heart and intuitive mind. Free form dance traverses the territory of our searching soul, our wild and untamed spirit. And, in the same moments, connects us with other spirits, indeed, unites us with all life. 5Rhythms is a moving meditation, profound medicine and a map into this “unexplored wilderness”. Each rhythm - flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical, stillness - is a gateway map to deep healing.

Maps are only maps; it's up to you to take the journey" ~ Gabrielle Roth

So come! Every one is welcome, this is a come-as-you-are party, a safe place to express whatever truth emerges.…all ages, all fitness levels, all shapes and sizes. There are no steps to learn, no possible way to get it wrong. Just bring your beautiful body and willingness to move. Every journey starts with the first step. Why not dance it?

Each session held in meditative silence by Bella or a visiting 5Rhythms instructor. Check the calendar page to find out who is facilitating. 
5Rhythms Sacramento Wednesdays
When: Thursday 6:30-8:30 PM weekly ongoing
Clara Auditorium
1426 24th St
Sacramento CA 95816
6:30 PM
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