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Review Barefoot Boogie Berkeley

Review: Sunday Night at Barefoot Boogie

I went to Barefoot Boogie in Berkeley Sunday night and had a wonderful time. I am a freestyle dancer and I go to other dances around the Bay area, mostly Dance Jam on Friday nights. I got there about 8 PM and the room was a beautiful suspended hardwood floor with a plush couch and yoga mats in the corner. The room was lit by those little colored light strings and I didn’t need to put in ear plugs as the volume was medium and I could even be in front of the speakers with no pain.

What I am really writing about is the dance and the dancers. The dance is called freestyle, or barefoot boogie style. The music changes all night long from slow in the beginning to fast to a slow wind down. I was exhausted after an hour’s wonderful workout of movement – I did my ballet and jazz steps and briefly experimented with a couple of partners in a dance style called “Contact Improv”. 

Some people wore split sole dance slippers, more were barefoot , some with tape on their toes. 

Surprisingly there were as many men as women, with ages from 18 to late fifties. Everyone was physically fit and flexible and the dancers danced together or just ‘with the room, i.e. everybody’.

This place is sort of a dancer’s secret – Sunday night 7:30 to 11 PM. I did have to give up my TV and HBO series, but I closed out my weekend and was ready for Monday with a new spirit.  

Sunday night dancing is the best. I used to do daytime dancing at Ecstatic Dance East Bay in Oakland on Sundays and I find night time dancing to be more to my liking. There is something special about dancing after the sun goes down. Of course, I have to give up my Sunday night TV to get my dance exercise in for the week, but being in tune with my physical self rates higher than holding my remote control keeping current with my weekly watching. ‘Tis a small sacrifice to be at my physical peak as I head into the new week. There is no better way to start the week. Yelp Review of Barefoot Boogie Berkeley Sunday nights

There are several differences with dancing here at this non-alcohol dance evening. Barefoot Boogie is not a club, it is much more of a free-style dance space to move freely through the air, stretch to rhythm, and swirl around the floor with pother skilled dancers. Everyone seems comfortable with everyone else. The space is perfect to hold thirty to forty people and its subdued lighting makes it easy to dance like nobody’s watching, which is actually Barefoot Boogie’s tag line.

Check Barefoot Boogie Website Calendar: Barefoot Boogie in Berkeley Sunday night for Schedules and DJ's on Saturday Night Dances.

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