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Who Dances on Sunday Nights?

Who Dances on Sunday Nights?

Well, me for one.  Been doing it for ten years.  I make it every week, sort of a ritual for a weekend ending and another week beginning.  Others on Sunday night?  Well, I can say it is a pretty devoted core group who seems to show up quite regularly, but still not the dance crowds of a Thursday or Friday night.  So what do us dancers who show up get out of that?  First, some predictability to finding quality time for ourselves - like evening Yoga of the Dancing kind.

We show up, we have the same DJ’s as other nights, but we have more personal space as in more floor space per person. We can move, groove spin and fly and the people in the same room with us on that Sunday night have seen us do it before.  No one is surprised, no one’s space is encroached upon. You are you - they are they, and together we all blend.  Also, we who dance on Sunday nights are grateful for the Dancers who also show up to be with us.

Why Dance on Sunday night:  It is just a quieter time of space, our space, to be appreciated by myself and those others who also venture out into this space.  Even just Being-There on Sunday nights is a challenge as it has many excuses not to be there:  I’m too tired from the weekend, I have a tough week ahead, my favorite TV series are on Sunday nights….  Yes there are many good excuses, but All those excuses are Passive Activities - like you just sit there and it is home delivered to your jellified brain.

Yes, those who Show Up on Sunday nights are doing something, physically and mentally they are engaged in a two-way shared activity with… yes, actual living breathing human beings.

Go Life!  Go Dance!  Go Sunday Nights!!

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