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Article: A barefoot club dancing experiment

Article: A barefoot club dancing experiment in San Francisco

Note: This article is about a new Dance Scene brought into San Francisco under the name Metta Dance.
There is another currently running Club Style Dance in Berkeley at the club Ashkenaz on Sundays. 

Knowa KnowOne drove home the new identity for MettaDance on Monday night, and possibly helped create a new dance genre in San Francisco “Barefoot Club Dancing”.

Whilst purists will fight the word “Club” being in any dance genre involving “them”, this is the closest thing form coast to coast I have seen. In complete fairness of this review, his scene is waaaay more special and precious than any dance club I have been to. Why?

MettaDance has created a space combining holistic with yoga with ecstatic with music that actually has words in it and beats you would shake your booty to at any club. An other reason is that all dance scenes need a promoter with love of the same dance as the dancers, and the commitment to attract those dancers on a weekly basis and then deliver what they actually expect…. With the SF club dance scene quickly going away, a space where freestyle boogie funk world …and on… dancers can share a space is very special, and do it with the flair and edginess of the SF scene is a real treat.

And Knowa KnowOne, how did he do? Who knew he had this club side. Great opening set, great fast set, and then a bonus double peaking with a strong ending.

Thanks Knowa, and thanks Be Scofield founder of MettaDance.  
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