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Dancers want something more than bass thump

Article: Dancers want something more than bass thump

Dancers want something more than a non-stop electronic beat!  
Article by DJ Christina

If you love to dance and you prefer a "conscious" environment where you 
can hear a juicy mix of music -- funk, African, salsa, soul, house, 
tribal, electronica, blues and beyond -- then join us for an evening
at Barefoot Boogie in Berkeley, Sundays, 7:30-11pm!Wanna dance to something you recognize once in a while? Do you like a diversity of rhythms to inspire different kinds of movement? Then Barefoot Boogie's the place to be! No earplugs required.

Boogie is a casual, smoke-free, alcohol-free, scent-free freestyle dance and a creative, connected community space. The first hour is a luscious warm-up for relaxing, stretching, or doing contact improvisation. The address is 2525 8th Street at Dwight in Berkeley.  

Real music for real people! keep on dancing - christina 
Quotes from Barefoot Boogie: 
"All the freaky people make the beauty of the world." -- Michael Franti
"Bring on the wonder, bring on the song. I pushed you down deep in my soul for too long." -- Susan Enan
"Get up offa that thing, and dance til you feel better." -- James Brown 

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