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Article: Boom Boom: Out go the lights!

Article: Boom Boom Out go the lights! Tough week for dancing

How do you get closure for losing three friends in five days? That was “the week that was” for sure.  

Yes, this weekend in May 2011, three of the five dance venues I went to had their final night. Two were six month old start-ups and the third was fifteen years. Similar to the demise on long running Friday Night Berkeley Dance Jam, the management of the third try “simply aged out…”.

Meta-Dance San Francisco last Dance

Meta-Dance San Francisco: A real “save the last dance for me story”. Success in the San Francisco scene is thwarted more by the lack of venues than it is by enthusiastic dancers. The Women’s building was just the right minimum size, good location, but on a Monday night. Still, it pulled in 100+ dancers every week while it struggled to create a brand. Dancers showed up to dance regardless of the Metta Dance music genre of the week being played.  

Encouraging news: speaking as someone who has been to virtually every Metta Dance event, ironically the best night of all was the last night with Eric Monkhouse. The Metta Dance image was lowered and Eric turned it into a scene most like the “ecstatic barefoot boogie jam” genre from the East Bay.  

The original founders of Metta Dance took an “idea” and turned it into a functioning successful reality. The next promoter can take that into a running success. After all, there is nothing like dancing in the city except “dancing in the city”. Will another rise to take Metta Dance’s success forward, to utilize this great community space for conscious dance? Stay tuned …there are rumors.    

Ecstatic Dance LIVE! passes on 

Tyler's gift to live music in the Ecstatic Dance community falls on deaf ears: Thursday nights: much can be written about this event, much has and more will be. For now, it will be sorely missed as the top open space live music dance scene ever! For this community. When it comes back (hoping!!) the community will really have to pull together and get the word out to the world. Dancers who travel will make this a “must see” to believe it can happen …and be so much fun. 

Suffice to say, another generation of dance style has departed

The last of the three events which closed is the 15 year running Goth event House of VooDoo.  One of my many old haunts, errr ...stomping grounds.  For those regular readers of these columns I can only say: “As a dancer you should always dance in general public venues, even “clubs”, lest you get sooo deep into “thee special community” …blah blah blah.  I shall not bore you with the rest, ‘tis a topic of another day.  Suffice to say, another generation of dance style has departed.  We need variety in dance, we need all forms of dance to flourish.  However, I guess in dance life there is also death.  It happens to all of us.  I miss it's passing...
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