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Inner Rhythm Ecstatic Dance

Inner Rhythm Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz with Hamid Martin

Where:   418 Front Street, Santa Cruz  The 418 Project
When:   Thursdays weekly ongoing
Time:   8:00 - 10:00 PM  Please arrive by 8:30 PM
Cost:  $12.00 - $15.00  
Check the Schedule:    Website
Core Statement:  Inner Rhythm is a lightly facilitated free-form ecstatic dance/movement meditation experience. It is a practice of surrendering to the moment and to our body’s wisdom. It is an opportunity for allowing, feeling, and expressing all the emotional qualities and textures that make up this human experience.   

Inner Rhythm is an exploration of our inner landscape alone and in community. What is it like to be in an environment that welcomes our inner chaos and un-groundedness? Also, what is it like to be firmly rooted in our own center, true to ourselves, while sharing space and interacting with others on the dance floor? And what unfolds when we carry this embodied truth and freedom beyond the dance floor, into our daily lives?  
Related Event:  Hamid Martin also produces Conscious Dance in Community on 4th Saturday of the Month
Great Space:  Great large wooden dance floor at "the 418" Front Street space used by Contact and Freestyle dance communities for years.  Enter around the side door parking lot or thru the Bakery space in the front. 
About Dancing in Santa Cruz is differentiated from larger cities by how many more smaller varied venues there are serving the SC Freestyle Dance communities.  Hamid Martin blends this eclectic Santa Cruz scene with the larger Ecstatic Dance World movement.  Dance Thursday night tonight in Santa Cruz.
Please commit to EMBODIED expression and let go of verbal communication.  Arrive before 10:30am
Please help keep this a scent-free environment.   Please power "OFF" cell phones
Contact:  831-818-7410  or  
Inner Rhythm Ecstatic Dance Santa Cruz
When: Thursdays Th 8:00-10:00 PM weekly ongoing
Project 418 Santa Cruz
418 Front Street
Santa Cruz CA 95060
8:00 PM
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