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Unofficial Nexus Santa Cruz

Unofficial: Nexus Santa Cruz Sunday Night Dance

Where:  418 Front Street, Santa Cruz
When:  Sundays Weekly ongoing
Time:  8:00 - 10:00 PM every Tuesday,    
Cost:  $12 - $15 donation.  This is a Dana-Based (daah-nuh) event which means there is no obligation to pay an admission fee (donation based). It is a generosity-driven interchange.
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Great Space:  Great large wooden dance floor at "the 418" Front Street space used by Contact and Freestyle dance communities for years.  Enter around the side door parking lot or thru bakery front door.

About Unofficial: Nexus:  the “connected group or series of events” definition combined with the “center,” or “hub” definitions. I thought it fit for the ongoing practice of dance for individuals wanting more connection to center; core being-ness. It is also defined as, “a means of connection,”.  Nexus is here to support your mindfulness as embodiment practice, and also to just have a great time dancing and celebrating life! I’ll end this blurb with a relevant, albeit out of context, quote from Ken Wilber, “You are not just one layer of the onion; you are the entire onion.”

Articles including Unofficial: Nexus - "Who Dances on Sunday Nights?"

About the Dance:  Nexus is a free-form dance. There's a DJ, sometimes musicians, too. Usually the music is slow and meditative in the beginning, then goes through cycles of crescendos, sometimes just one peak, other times several. By peak I mean when energy is moving like a large rushing river (hard-thumping, full-bore, faster-tempo, are some ways to describe it). Typically, people take off their shoes, refrain from talking, and just occupy their bodies, move how they wish, without a prescribed form. Sometimes people do contact improv, which is kind of like dancing with a lot of giving weight (being supported by the other) and receiving weight (supporting the other), often its both, interchanging.

There is no obligation to dance 'with' anyone, although people often do. A gentle way to say no in the dance community is a gesture: hands together at the heart with a small bow of the head, and brief eye-contact to make sure the message has been received. But remember, "kun yhdelle kumartaa niin toiselle pyllistaa," which means, "When you bow to one person, you're sticking your butt out to another." (wise words from Matti Heyno, pronounced Maht-TEA' because it's Finnish :) )
We strive to be in a space of acceptance of peoples' expression, non-judgmentally. We strive to create an atmosphere of safety. Embodiment in all its multi-facteted and multidimensional richness is explored in movement.

Music:  Ambient contemplative world electronic futurebass genreless dance, energetically tuned and intentional growth oriented soul moving ecstatic basscraft with a soft landing.

A gong sound bath will begin and end our movement ceremony:  Tea. + Chocolate. + Community. + Embodiment. + Sound Healing. + Ecstatic Dance  

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